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Four listening sessions and roundtable discussions with the Department of Energy on oil spill prevention topics that address technical challenges and barriers related to increasing ultimate recovery of oil and gas resources in offshore reservoirs.

Ultra-Deepwater Drilling and Completion Operations

Drilling and completion operations research increases our understanding of UDW subsurface well conditions, which leads to more accurate and effective drilling and completion methods, guidelines, and tools. Accurate real-time monitoring of reservoir fluids (pressures, fluid type, flow rates, and temperatures), changing conditions during cementing operations, and conditions during subsequent servicing of the wells will allow for timely interpretation of data that will help recognize dangers. New technologies, such as the development and placement of measuring instruments in wells, will provide real-time information on subsurface conditions. New materials and new information on existing materials for instance, the most appropriate drilling fluids and corrosion-resistant pipe will make drilling inherently safer. NETL’s drilling and completion operations research provides necessary reliable information on conditions at all points within the well during drilling, completion, and production activities that can act to reduce the probability of loss of well control.


—  Research Portfolio Report

Four Workshops

April 24



April 24

Drilling & Completion

April 25

Subsea Reliability

& Automation

April 25

Surface Systems

& Umbilicals

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