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Contract Staff

Evan Zimmerman, BSc, JD

Executive Director

Evan is an impact-focused offshore industry executive with a three-decade proven leadership history in engineering, technology development, performance management, risk and collaboration.


Evan’s early career focused on marine hydrodynamics, cable dynamics, software development and stakeholder engagement related to MODUs, FPSOs and risers.  He continued to expand his expertise to include geotechnical, metocean, risk, business development, offshore construction, regulatory engagement, team development and executive management through assignments in the United States, Europe and Australia over two decades.  


Evan’s expertise has helped to drive significant growth in several multi-national corporations as a C-suite executive and management consultant.  

Evan has a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the South Texas College of Law.  Evan has served on multiple industry and academic boards including: Ocean Energy Safety Institute (OESI), Western Resources Legal Center at Lewis & Clark Law School, Center for Offshore Safety (COS), HWCG Advisory Board and Texas A&M University’s Ocean Engineering Industry Advisory Board.  


Evan has been awarded four US Patents and a corporate leadership award from the U.S. Department of Interior.

Evan brought his diverse set of skills to OOC in 2014 and has led a significant evolution of the organization into one of the most trusted and respected non-political trade organizations in the energy sector.  Evan was instrumental in the expansion of OOC’s scope to include all federal OCS regions and all forms of offshore energy including CCS activities. 

Steve Hamm

Associate Director

Steve Hamm has 33 years of diverse experience in the areas of offshore/onshore NPDES, air quality, waste management, ESG, SEMS, emergency response and investigation, due diligence and remediation.


Steve brings a combination of 11 years of offshore operator experience, 11 years of varied regulatory experience and 10 years of diverse consulting HSE project management for oil & gas companies and oilfield service companies.


Steve served W&T Offshore recently as Vice President, HSE&R since 2017. He originally joined W&T Offshore in 2012 as Director HSE, a position he held for four years before he left the Company to co-found and operate his own HSE consulting firm for the energy industry.


Mr. Hamm spent the first 11 years of his career at an environmental regulatory agency where he held roles as an NPDES Investigator, Superfund Coordinator and Emergency Response Manager. Following this, Steve consulted for the oil and gas industry in regulatory, environmental and safety compliance for approximately 10 years.


Steve holds a B.S. degree in Marine Fisheries from Texas A&M University, is a board member of the Flower Garden National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council, and is a Certified Safety Professional.

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Angie Barbara

Manager, Safety & Operations

Angie Barbara has more than 15 years of work experience in office management, 10 years of which have been in the offshore energy industry.


Mrs. Barbara has managed multiple technical efforts within the energy industry. Mrs. Barbara a graduate from Louisiana State University and has completed various role specific training.


Additionally, Mrs. Barbara has experience in sales, event planning, account management and membership interface.

Stephanie Kusinski

Manager, Environmental & CCS

Stephanie Kusinski holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation and Resource Studies and a minor in Public Policy from U.C. Berkeley.  She is currently a graduate student at Virginia Tech in the Master of Natural Resource program.


Prior to joining the OOC staff, she has 25 years of experience managing projects for several large universities and organizations doing event planning and organizational management. In addition, she has a decade of experience managing the supply of specialized materials to power and electric companies within the U.S.


Ayushi Chokhani

Administrative Assistant

Ayushi Chokhani serves as the Administrative Assistant to the OOC, operating remotely from India. Ayushi expertly handles a spectrum of administrative tasks, ensuring seamless operation.


She assists in various OOC processes for the benefit of membership. Some of her various efforts include maintaining updates on federal regulations, NGO activities, managing member information databases, and providing support to the OOC team.

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Femke Leeraar

Program Specialist, DeepStar

Femke is a highly skilled and creative professional with a keen eye for detail and a strong background in event and project management.


With a Dutch heritage, Femke brings a unique perspective and a flair for creativity to their work.

With extensive experience in event planning and organizational skills, Femke has successfully managed a wide range of events, from corporate conferences to social gatherings, with meticulous attention to detail.


Their ability to seamlessly coordinate all aspects of an event, from conception to execution, is unparalleled.

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