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& Mission

Who Is OOC

OOC is committed to being the primary technical advocate for the offshore energy industry for topics such as safety, regulation, exploration, development, and production on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

The key to our success is our member's Subject Matter Experts (SME) participation and collaboration and by engaging with government regulators an dother trade associations to address industry topics and challenges.

Working current topics and issues most important to the energy industry

Member driven, action-focused efforts

Represent 90+% of US OCS Energy Production

Members represent all forms of offshore energy development on the OCS

Technical Trade Advocacy

Focusing on solutions & managing risk with stakeholders

75+ Year History of Collaboration

Established in 1948

OOC Members

Lifetime Members

Dr. Joe Smith - Awarded 2016
Charlie Willams - Awarded 2017
Allen Verret - Awarded June 2018
Alan Spackman - Awarded June 2018
Jodie Connor - Awarded June 2018
Susan Hathcock - Awarded June 2019
Connie Goers - Awarded June 2019
William "Bill" Terrebonne - Awarded June 2019

Sandi Fury -  Awarded December 2020

Wanda Parker - Awarded June 2021

Foster Wade - Awarded December 2021

Cheryl Powell - Awarded June 2023

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