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Open Workshop Output Documents


BSEE Permitting Workshop - OSTS Presentation

Office of Structural & Technical Support (OSTS) presentation


BSEE Permitting Workshop - TAS HPHT Presentation

BSEE HPHT Review Process presentation


BSEE Permitting Worshop - OEC Presentation

National Environmental Policy Act and Environmental Compliance for BSEE / BOEM Permitting Programs presentation from the Office of Environmental Compliance (OEC)


BOEM Air Rule Workshop

The topics of the forum were:

  • Content of the New Rule

  • What's New with Spreadsheets

  • Future Developments


Subpart H Forum Output Document 

The main objectives of the forum were:
1) For operators to share challenges and lessons learned in implementing the requirements of the BSEE’s Subpart H – Production Safety Rule; and
2) For BSEE representatives to conduct a Q&A session with industry to clarify the requirements of Subpart H.


Financial Assurance Forum Output Document 

The goals of this session was to: 1) Identify information gaps in current information provided within the BOEM program, 2) Present challenges industry is facing with the new BOEM Program, 3) Identify information and gaps pertaining to financial instrument options, and 4) Update on progress of BOEM implementation.


The goals of the afternoon session was for the industry participants to: 1) gain perspective on industry opinions from the pre-forum survey results, 2) greater understanding of decommissioning liability estimates, and 3) gather feedback on information needed and recommendations to move forward.


Continued Service Forum Output Document 

OOC with contribution from DeepStar hosted a one-day technical Forum to explore operators’ approaches to continued service. The Forum also examined real-world case studies that highlight the successful integration of development of risk based SIM Program, assessment of longevity drivers, development of mitigation strategies, to enable the decision making about the continued service.


SEMS Forum Output Document 

The forum main objective is to share lessons learned around several key areas identified by the OOC SEMS subcommittee.

The OOC SEMS forum was an interactive forum for mid-level management and down with best practices and topical checklist developed by the planning committee and forum participants. The topics discussed were:
- HAZID Tool
- Loop / Unmanned Facility Operations Best Practices
- Managing SEMS during Acquisitions and Divestitures
- Managing SEMS during an Industry Downturn
- Decommissioning Efforts
- MODU / Liftboat Operations

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